Bohol, Philippines


Bohol Airport

Bohol also has an airport. It is located in the city of Tagbilaran and so it's also called "Tagbilaran Airport". By November 2016, we have eight flights daily, connecting Bohol with Manila. Three each by Cebu Pacific and Air Asia Philippines and two by Philippine Airlines.



Airlines serving Tagbilaran Airport are Philippines Airlines (PAL) & PAL Express, Cebu Pacific and Air Asia/Zest. The schedule of the flights are spread over the whole day so that there is always a change to catch a flight to Manila during the daytime. In November 2016 there are eight flights daily to and from Manila.

A320 Cebu Pacific at Tagbilaran Airport

There are no flights from Tagbilaran Airport after sunset!

A few years ago there were also flights to Cebu Island nearby but they were cancelled due to the competition of Fast Ferries.

Since June 2015, a new International Airport is beeing build on Panglao Island. It's supposed to be ready by December 2017.

I personally believe that is is going to be only a domestic airport but we will see it when it's done.