Bohol, Philippines


Immigration Procedures in the Philippines

Nationals from a list of 145 countries can enter the Philippines for tourism or business purpose for a period of 30 days without a visa! This list includes most European and Asian countries as well as the USA and Australia.

For most visitors, this is enough for their holiday. If you want to stay longer than 21 days however, you might get a visa in advance from a Philippine Embassy in your country or have the extensions made at any Immigration Office in the Philippines.


Visa Extensions:

The first extension would be for another 38 days and costs 2020,- Peso in total. After that you can make extensions every two month with costs between 1820,- and 3790,- Pesos. You can do this visa extensions for up to 16 month without ever leaving the country. Extension fees however build up to 14810,- Peso for a period of 12 month. This is how most of the foreigners stay in the Philippines.

If you have to go to an Immigration Office, make sure you are properly dressed, with long pants, proper shoes (no slippers) and a shirt, otherwise you may not be served or they don't even let you in.


Balik Bayan:
If you are married to a Filipina, you may ask for a "Balik Bayan Stamp" when entering the Philippines and you should get a stamp good for 1 year for free! Your wife has to be with you and you have to present your marriage contract to the immigration officer.

Visas available from the Philippine Embassies:

  • Tourist/Visitor Visa, 3 month, 1 entry: 39,- Euro
  • Tourist/Visitor Visa, 6 month, multiple entry: 78,- Euro
  • Tourist/Visitor Visa, 12 month, multiple entry: 117,- Euro